Revenue Cycle Management

Top-tier services and cutting-edge software to increase the speed and accuracy of your entire revenue cycle

Fast, efficient, and accurate collections

Processing AR, interacting with insurance providers, and managing billing are vital yet time-consuming parts of operating a healthcare facility, and errors can cost you dearly in lost time and reputation. To address this, The Coding Company offers a comprehensive suite of Revenue Cycle Management solutions that will streamline your billing operations and increase your efficiency so you can focus on more pressing matters.

The Coding Company achieves this with services and customisable software that are fully integrated and easy to understand. Not only will our Revenue Cycle Management solutions make managing claims, credentialing providers, and other billing tasks easier for your employees, but they’ll also improve your patients’ experiences with faster and more accurate payment processing.

Revenue Cycle Management solutions from The Coding Company :

  • Bring focus and accountability to your AR department by directing attention to high-priority open claims and managing claims across multiple clients and systems
  • Simplify the enrollment of providers with payers, credentialing of providers with facilities, contract negotiation with payers, and contract management
  • Ensure timely collections and 95%+ accuracy levels
  • Reduce employee frustration and errors while increasing patient satisfaction
  • Raise the overall efficiency of your facility to free up more resources

The Coding Company ’s comprehensive, customisable software suite streamlines your collection process and increases accuracy, providing compounding benefits to increase efficiency and reduce waste.