The CPCC® or the Certified Professional in Clinical Coding is a Certified training course which will teach you the fundamentals of clinical coding in different classifications and codesets. The CPCC® course is delivered by The Coding Academy and it can be taken in 2 different classifications:

  • B- ICD10 CM

The CPCC® course prepares students for positions as clinical coders. Clinical coders extract and interpret medical information from a patient’s medical record and they then assign the appropriate codes to identify the diseases and interventions (procedures) for the episode of care or patient admission.

Clinical coders will work primarily in Physician Practices, Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres as well as also having the skills to work in health insurance businesses that require clinical coding of diseases and interventions for billing purposes.

After completion of the course students can apply for positions at an entry level within the health care sector but they will require ongoing attendance at workshops and education sessions as the health care industry is dynamic and one of rapid change in application of technology. Good students of clinical coding will always keep themselves informed.

Entry Requirements

Students must have completed their senior school education and have a good understanding of the English language as course material and texts are in English.

Students should have passed a medical terminology course or have extensive experience in medical terminology. If this is not the case then, The Coding Academy’s medical Terminology course could be embedded into this course.

Course Structure

The course is delivered online in 2 methods: 1) Instructor led live connect sessions, 2) Self-paced online study modules which is supported by an instructor for guidance activities.

  • Assignment work is required to be undertaken which also requires comment and assessment by course instructors.
  • There is and end of course test for which the passing mark is 70%, and upon clearing this score the student will receive the CPCC® Credential.


The course’s duration is 60 study hours. If registered for the instructor led classes, the course can be completed over a period of 10-12 weeks. For the self-paced course, candidates have a period of 6 months to complete the course and sit for the certification exam.

To inquire about how to register to the course and for further info, please contact reg@thecodingacademy.co.uk

UPDATE 09/02/2022:
We are pleased to announce that the November 2021 course has been concluded in January 2022 with a success rate of 100%