ICD10AM ACHI ACS Upgrading from 6th to 10th Edition

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 Starting From 14.06.2020 till 25.06.2020


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The Middle East region has been seeing a huge growth in the Healthcare sector and naturally this leads to a huge demand on all elements that form and support this industry.

The Coding Company Middle East, bringing with it more than 20 years of experience excellence in Health Information and Medical Records Management in Australia and New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has come to the region to participate in setting the guidelines in Health Information Management and elevating its standards. The Coding Company Middle East is an affiliate of The Coding Company Pty Ltd based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.


The Coding Company Middle East specializes in:


  • Clinical coding and auditing services

  • Health Information Management (HIM) related disciplines

  • Health Information Management and Clinical Coding educational and training programs.

  • Health Information Management Software solutions

  • Medical records storage and retrieval services

  • Records management services


We are a professional services based organization that provides highly skilled Clinical Coding staff, records management and Health Information Management personnel.

Our professional services assist in records management procedures, culling records file rooms, revenue generation based on clinical coded data, clinical coding data quality, timeliness of data for clinical costing, research and indicators, allocation of time to quality activities affecting accreditation, the storage and retrieval of vital records, and the programmed destruction of records.

Unique Services, Multi-Classification

The Coding Company Middle East provides multi-classification services and solutions catering  to ICD10 AM AR DRG, ICD9 CM and ICD10 CM IR DRG, in addition to ICD10 (Including all related Procedures Coding).

We provide unique solutions such as Costing and casemix studies and analysis, Clinical coding mapping between classifications, One click crosswalk solutions between ICD9 CM and ICD10 CM using our coding tools.

Our Coding and Grouping software includes coding quality indicators and built in Audit tools.

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