HIM Software

State of the art Health Information Management software solutions

Enhanced productivity and accuracy through advanced technology

AI technology has revolutionised many industries, and healthcare is no different. Developers are creating software that streamlines and simplifies the management of healthcare information, and The Coding Company has partnered with the leading providers of these solutions to bring them to the Middle East. We offer customised software from industry-leading developers including Clarisoft, Eurofield Information Solutions, and United Coding Consultants.

If your organisation is spending excessive time and money on clinical coding and error remediation, HIM Software from The Coding Company is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require hiring more permanent staff. The programs we offer allow your coders to work faster and more flexibly with machine learning and remote coding features not found in competing software. With HIM software that’s tailored to your needs, your workforce will enjoy more time, less frustration, and increased capabilities.

The Coding Company ’s HIM Software solutions include:

  • TurboGrouper: powerful search capabilities and an easy-to-use interface allows coders to quickly select codes with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • TurboCoder: a digital clinical coding tool for health classification in a powerful user-friendly format that’s much faster than PDF or web publications
  • Clarisoft AR-DRG Grouper: software used to group medical records, based on both clinical and demographic information, for acute hospital stays into DRGs and MDCs for case mix purposes
  • Clinical Coding Assistant: an independent information system for medical records, finance, and quality assurance departments. It can operate alone to support creating DRGs, coding, quality assurance, and DRG financial analysis or can be interfaced into your patient management system.

Customised solutions for your clinical coding environment to assist with grouping, case mixing, and costing analysis