HIM Consulting

Consulting services to align your Health Information Management with international best practices

Knowledgeable insight and guidance on all things HIM

All the tools and personnel in the world can only improve a healthcare facility to a certain extent. To achieve the greatest benefits to productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, systemic improvements based on deep knowledge and extensive experience is required – two things The Coding Company ’s HIM Consulting team have in abundance.

Our team have experience using a variety of coding and grouping software applications, and are up to date on the healthcare industry’s leading best practices. We’re available for short- or long-term contracts based on your needs, and are covered for all required insurances. The knowledge and insight we provide your staff will lead to improvements to your HIM across the board as well as more informed and confident decisions by your leadership.

The Coding Company ’s HIM Consulting team can assist your organisation with:

  • Records management, including quality services
  • Preparation for accreditation/ISO certification
  • Storage assessments in consultation with our experienced records management staff
  • Policy and procedure creation or updates
  • Clinical and/or data audits
  • Report writing, recommendations, and action plans
  • Revenue cycle enhancement and clinical costing analysis​

Our courteous, experienced, and professional consultants are familiar with DRG and case mix funding models, ABF, health fund data, AROC, and both public and private sector mandatory reporting requirements