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The Coding Company provides its clients with state of art health information software solutions through it partnership with leading Health Information Software Developers such as Clarisoft PTY LTD , Eurofield Information Solutions and United Coding Consultants LTD. 

These Solutions cater to the Clinical Coding environment as well as Grouping and Case Mixing and Costing ANalysis.


TurboGrouper™ AR-DRG Grouper

Powered by the Award Winning eComPress Digital Reference Publishing Technology, TurboGrouper is the latest innovation from Eurofield Information Solutions.

Designed and built by the makers of TurboCoder, TurboGrouper’s powerful search capabilities and easy-to-use interface allow coders to quickly select codes with greater accuracy and efficiency. Tested and approved to verify the correct AR-DRG is assigned to patient coded data by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).




TurboCoder™ - the foremost ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS digital clinical coding tool for health classification in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. TurboCoder™ is the digital version of health classifications in a powerful user-friendly format it is dramatically faster than PDF or Web publications. It is also available for ICD9CM, ICD10 CM, PCS, CPT and HCPCS.
Publications are downloaded to PC's hard drives or network servers for instant access and easy updating. All of the advantage of owning books but with the amazing speed and power of technolog


Clarisoft™ AR-DRG Grouper


Clarisoft is one of only four companies, globally, that are contractually licensed with the Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Health and Ageing to produce the AR-DRG Grouper. This software is used to group medical records, based on both clinical (diagnoses & procedures, coded in ICD-10-AM) and demographic information (e.g. age, sex, etc.), for acute hospital stays into DRGs and Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) for Casemix purposes.


Clinical Coding Assistant - CCA™


CCA is an independent Information System for medical records, finance and quality assurance departments. It can operate in "stand alone" mode to support your Casemix (DRG), coding, quality assurance and DRG financial analysis requirements. Alternatively it can be interfaced to the hospital patient management system. Our CCA solution incorporates the AR-DRG v6.0 Grouper (as well as versions 4.0 through 6.0x).

In addition to CCA's normal features, this software package can be configured to operate via a remote connection. Together with its integrated proprietary interface manager, CCA can be utilised as the ideal remote coding assistant. All sensitive and non-relevant information about a patient and provider can be hidden from the coder making it a suitable companion to appropriate document and image delivery systems.



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