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    Revenue Cycle Management

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Healthcare providers, billing companies and individuals turn to The Coding Company for better results

20+ Years of Proven Experience

clients have trusted us to deliver real results since 1996

Cost-Effective Growth

high-quality services at competitive rates that improve your bottom line and patient experiences

Time and Cost Savings

error-free services that increase productivity and efficiency


solutions that pay for themselves many times over

Strict Compliance

achieve and maintain the highest regulatory compliance in the Middle East

From a single training to complete billing services, our customisable solutions will always help you succeed

You’ll also have a dedicated team of experts delivering remote and
on-site support when you need it

Clinical Coding & Auditing

Third-party audited, remote and on-site services give you the most accurate, efficient and compliant coding processes

Revenue Cycle Management

From claim preparation to denial management and reporting, we’ll streamline operations to improve patient experiences and your bottom line

Education & Mentoring

High-impact e-learning and in-person sessions to equip you with advanced skills and certifications on a broad range of coding and HIM subjects

HIM Software

Customised, rigorously tested software that can be integrated into your existing systems and makes coding easier and more accurate

HIM Consulting

Seasoned experts on flexible contracts who can help you with everything from ISO certification to funding models to mandatory reporting

Healthcare Management Consulting

Achieve your strategic objectives more efficiently with expert advice and guidance at every level of your value chain

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