Records Management

The Coding Company performs all processes within file rooms that assist in solving the problems that often beset busy work places:

  • The culling of records based upon various and comprehensive criteria

  • Separation of records and sentencing according to GDA requirements

  • PAS related (e.g. CERNER) data management operations, records tracking and labeling, media creation, records registration, data matching and duplicate identification

  • Data entry

  • Physical relocation and file room establishment

  • Records filing and retrieval services

  • Preparation of records for archiving

  • Supply of archive boxes and labels

Regardless of the size of the project, The Coding Company Middle East is resourced to perform them all and experienced in doing so.The Coding Company has performed some of the largest records management projects ever undertaken within Australian Hospitals, right down to some of the most humble, & is currently the largest medical records storage & retrievals services provider in NSW.  No matter the size of the client's facility we take the same amount of care & attention to detail from the largest to the smallest.  We guarantee secure handling & transport of files by our security vetted employees.  Fast retrieval times, 24hr per day / 365 days per year access & a dedicated response team make us a market leader in records management & secure offsite storage.

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