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The Coding Company is the Middle East's exclusive TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute for ICD10-AM ACHI ACS course provider. 

TAFE NSW has been Australia's leading public vocational education and training provider for more than 100 years. Our experience means that you can be sure that each TAFE NSW Institute is professionally run, and highly competent in the delivery of education and training.

TAFE NSW evolved directly from the community. It has grown into the organisation it is today by responding to, and pre-empting, community needs.


The Coding Company Middle East delivers training and certification facilitation services for Healthcare organizations via its education subsidiary The Coding Academy and in partnership with internationally recognized certifying bodies such as the Health Information Management Association Australia (HIMAA), American Institute if Healthcare Compliance (AIHC) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and OTEN. In addition we have a highly qualified team delivering specialized training in:

  • Auditing (Coding & Documentation)

  • Medical Billing

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • E&M coding

  • Change Management 

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Healthcare compliance

  • Practice Management



Hands on Experience


Due to the combined experience of the Coding Company's workforce, we are able to offer support to health facilities in developing the skills of new graduate coders who can benefit from the assistance to improve competency. This is most useful in health facilities which do not have a Coding Manager.

This is undertaken by specialty or across all specialties to improve confidence and skill levels and to get the clinical coder working to their potential as soon as possible.

By investing in new graduate clinical coders, health facilities will benefit from enhanced productivity, accuracy of coded results and stability of the coding workforce.



Bridging The Gap


Bridging the Gap is an online clinical coder mentoring program, a collaboration between The Coding Company Australia & The Health Information Management Association of Australia.

Our aim is to assist in “Bridging the Gap” and better preparing coders who have undertaken an accredited coding course for the workplace, and also to assist in the ongoing education and refresher training of the current coder workforce.

Sessions will be delivered online, and can be accessed via The Coding Company’s own corporate website, or the HIMAA website.

They can be viewed anytime, and will focus on the coding, using ICD10AM and the Australian Coding Standards, or specific diseases and procedures. 

Featuring EIS TurboCoder & Clarisoft’s Clinical Coding Assistant software, each videoed session will focus on fully describing particular disease or procedural processes or the requirements of a particular Australian Coding Standard, in a language appropriate to the coding process that is meaningful to coders.



We are by far the most active Clinical Coding education and training  organization in the Middle East, with the maximum number of ICD10 AM ACHI ACS locally registered candidates in Saudi Arabia.

We continue to expand with our growing partnerships in healthcare education which inspired us to initiate our unique education arm "The Coding Academy". 

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